We are a team. And that team has been carefully chosen to ensure everyone has the best people around them, supporting them. While each of us has our individual skillsets and areas of expertise, we are all linked by a set of common values that guide us at Heights.

😌 We act with humour and humility

We ask for feedback and take it openly, putting our egos aside. If we get things wrong, we put our hands up, admit it, learn, and move on. But we’re always glad we gave it a shot. And if we get a story out of it, all the better.

πŸ’› We care without compromise

We believe in better. Better for our brains. Better for our planet. Better ways of working. Better ways of thinking. We speak up, and speak out. We stand for something, and that’s how we like it. Brain health and mental well-being comes first, always. We are dedicated to caring for our community, ourselves, and each other.

🀝 We build trust and are trusting

Our word is our bond. We trust ourselves and each other to take responsibility, and do the right thing. We will never make a promise without the science to back it up, and we will always deliver to the best of our ability. Thousands of people trust us with their brains, and we don't take that lightly.

πŸ“ˆ We grow for it

We push boundaries to change the way people think about the way they think. Ever-evolving, we are constantly pursuing new ways to grow the business, ourselves, and our community. We seek out opportunities, and push ourselves to take them. This is an environment of perpetual motion. Aim higher, always, and motivate those around you to do the same.

<aside> πŸ’‘ Those are the values at the core of everything we do. And part of that is a culture of open and honest communication. We have a policy for open, direct and regular feedback to make sure we are aligned, working together towards our goals, and taking risks in an emotionally safe environment. And in addition to regular feedback, we have structured quarterly 360 feedback to help the entire team.